The Film

Das Boot in the Press

„Das Boot pushes into our consciousness with even greater power. This is a masterful newly composed film. One of the most manifold and humane portrayals of life in wartime since Jean Renoirs “Grand Illusion“.
Washington Post

„„Petersen uses lots of breathtaking and exciting scenes to really show what he’s made of.“

“The Director’s Cut will probably propel this film into receiving the acknowledgement that it is indeed the finest war film of all time. Petersen manages to create a pretty unbearable atmosphere on board.“
Los Angeles Times

“The ultimate submarine thriller has become even more ultimate.“
Boston Globe

“Francois Truffaut said that it’s impossible to make an anti-war film because films tend to glorify war. In general, Truffaut is right. But that theory falls flat on its face in the case of Wolfgang Petersen’s “Das Boot“.
Chicago Times

“Since 1989, when the restored version of “Lawrence of Arabia“ was released, no film has been so successfully extended and improved as Wolfgang Petersen’s masterpiece “Das Boot“. The Oscar nominated soundtrack, now available in 8 channel digital tone, is a complete knock-out.“
The Hollywood Reporter

“The extended, improved Boot now reaches new dramatic depths.“
San Jose Mercury News

„DAS BOOT“ is back: bigger and better than ever!“
Los Angeles Times