The Film


In 1973, Prochnow worked for the first time with the director with whom he would one day become world famous: The Prochnow-Petersen duo first became well-known in the German TV and film scene in the “Tatort“ episode “Jagdrevier“. In the following years, they worked together on the movie production “Einer von uns beiden“(1973) and the TV dramas “Hans im Glück“ and “Die Konsequenz“. Prochnows fascinating performance as “Der Alte“ was rewarded with a rake of offers from Hollywood. In 1983 he acted in Michael Manns “The Keep – Die unheimliche Macht“, as well as in 1984 in David Lynchs “Dune – Der Wüstenplanet“, and three yreas later in Tony Scott’s “Beverly Hills Cop II“. He established himself as one of the most sought-after foreign actors in the dream factory. But he didn’t ignore German cinematic offers: Peter Keglevic managed to get him to perform in “Der Bulle und das Mädchen“ (1985), and he also acted in Michael Verhoeven’s “Killing Cars“ (1985) and Vadim Glowna’s 1987 film “Des Teufels Paradies“. Most recently Prochnow was to be seen in Danny Cannon’s comedy “Judge Dredd“ (1995), as well as Antohny Minghella’s worldwide success “The English Patient” (1996).