The Manufacturer: MontresCharmex SA

Pure Swiss watchmaker's tradition: That is what MontresCharmex SA has stood for since 1926. The Swiss watch manufacturer produces its CX Swiss Military Watch™ and CharmexofSwitzerland™ under the motto "NoCompromise!“ - Unusual watches for demanding watch lovers. In addition, high-quality mechanical intricacies are on offer, as are high performance watches. So it's no surprise that the current depth record is held by the 20'000 FEET diver's watches by MontresCharmex SA!

A unique reference: The 20’000 FEET by CX Swiss Military Watch™

In 2009 it was presented at the BASELWORLD: The 20’000 FEET. A technical masterpiece that didn’t impress only the experts. It actually went as far as to beat the then world-record holder, the Rolex SeaDwellerDeepSea by almost 100% of the possible diving depth. 20.000 feet, or 6,096 metres, is a recognised Guinness Book of World Records record! And to this day, the 20’000 FEET Watch™ is the only serially produced watch that is waterproof down to 6,000 metres, according to ISO Norm 6425.

It was not for this reason alone that in autumn 2010, the 20'000 FEET was awarded the honour of becoming the official timepiece of the IFM GEOMAR. The IFM GEOMAR Leibniz Institute for Oceanography Research at the University of Kiel is one of the best known institutes of its kind. It carried out a study in the Pacific near the Chilean coast in autumn 2010. The research vessel SONNE launched the ROV KIEL 6000 diving robot in order to research the behaviour of currents on liquids and emissions of volatile organic compounds on site. A 20'000 FEET by CX Swiss Military Watch™ was fastened to the diving robot and went down to the bed of the Pacific Ocean. 20'000 FEET is therefore the first serially-made watch which has been lowered to a depth of over 6,000 metres, successfully, and without damage! You can see the film about it all right here: Swiss Military Youtube Channel

The ultimate in diver’s watches: DAS BOOT

No other worldwide brand is more authentic in a diver's watch collection than DAS BOOT. To the present day, no watches have been produced under this brand name. The reason for this lay primarily with the pretentious demands made by the legal owner, Bavaria Sonor with regard to potential manufacturers. The high competence of Manfred and Frank Bürgin, the owners of MontresCharmex SA, persuaded the persons responsible at Bavaria Sonor to support the entire range. And this was the start of a highly unusual watch collection, created over 30 years after the premiere of a unique film led to its worldwide success. Time to get curious!